Ideal Weekend Bond For Kids

admin September 21, 2017 Views 93

You have a plan this weekend and that is have a little bond with your children. The best idea to do so, while having some fun and eating snacks is by watching films from There are plenty of different films to choose from as you and your kids enjoy this weekend. This can be a bit of complicated on your part especially if there are a lot of movies to choose from. This could take a lot of time deciding what to watch first, the second and the third. Therefore, it would be wise on your part to plan ahead of the movies you are going to watch.


  • The Pan Movie (Peter Pan) could be one of your top ten choice. It is certain that your kids would love to see Peter Pan, Wendy, John and others as they fly to Neverland. The adventure starts, when Captain Hook started to become jealous and somehow, he wants to have a mother on his own.

  • This is a lifetime adventure that you can share with your children. The animation effects are great and it is indeed fun to watch. As soon as your kids are tired watching fantasy films, then how about make it a bit interesting on your part like watching Dracula Untold.

  • Just make sure your kids are asleep since this is going to be one heck of a movie. Aside from this, there are plenty of others that is a must see movie like, Last Knights, King Arthur, and Are You The One.